Professional Survey

If a site is especially large or complex, a professional survey may be required. I work with professionals who are experienced in surveying domestic gardens and who will produce highly accurate survey plans showing all dimensions, boundaries, level changes and existing features, including the location, size and species of all trees.

Site Analysis

I am able to conduct a detailed site analysis. This will include immediate and local landscape character, views in and out, aspect, horticultural appraisal incorporating soil analysis, drainage and existing flora, microclimate, geological history and analysis, previous usage, legal restrictions and tree protection orders

Detailed Brief

I will work with you to produce a detailed brief of your requirements for the garden. This will include details of all your practical needs for the space, such as entertaining, spaces for relaxation and play, vegetable and kitchen gardens and so on – and also your style and design preferences, for example; contemporary/modern, cottage/traditional or exotic. The brief will be presented for your approval before any design work commences.

Design Concept Plan

The design concept plan is a scaled, fully rendered and annotated 2D drawing showing both the spatial layout and all the major features of your new garden. It will contain detail of all suggested materials for use in the build and the location of all planting areas and larger scale shrubs and trees.


This drawing shows a side view ‘cross section’ of the garden design and is drawn to scale. It demonstrates how balance and flow works in the vertical dimension – much like the horizontal dimension in the plan drawing. A true section drawing will only show features that occur on a straight line that is cut through the plan.

Sectional Elevation

A sectional elevation drawing is much the same as the section drawing, except that it will show features that occur both on the straight line cut through the plan and features that occur beyond the line.

Perspective Sketch

This drawing is a three-dimensional sketch showing a view of the garden from the perspective of an observer standing in the space. It may not be drawn exactly to scale, but will give a very clear indication of how the designer expects the finished garden to look.

Mood Boards

Mood boards are used to display images, photographs and possibly even materials samples to convey the style of the garden and how it will feel. They are particularly effective for communicating colour and texture and light and shade

Computer Generated Images

Computer generated models are useful for communicating how the garden will look in three dimensions and from various angles. Some programs enable the designer to build a model that clients can actually ‘walk through’ on the screen. Whilst they are very effective for communicating the design in 3D, they are less effective at communicating mood or feel.

Planting Plans

The planting plan, drawn to scale, shows the exact location and size at maturity of every proposed plant in the new garden design. It will list all plant names (in Latin) and all plant quantities.

Maintenance Schedule

A maintenance schedule will be delivered with the planting plan which will give clear instructions and guidance for the year round maintenance of each plant in the new design.

Construction Drawings

These scaled drawings show the exact construction detail, including all materials and dimensions, for all the key hard landscaping features in the new garden (for example, steps, paths, terraces, pools/ponds). They are primarily used to obtain competitive quotations from garden building contractors and to ensure that features are built exactly to the designer’s specifications.

Detailed Area Drawings

Some areas of the new garden design may be particularly complex, or the contractor may require detail to be drawn at a larger scale than the main design concept plan. I will agree with you in advance for which areas of the garden I believe this will be necessary, and will confirm and agree any extra costs in writing before any drawing work commences. These drawings are often not necessary unless the site is particularly large or complex.

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